Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drawing 101!

last semester i took intro to art and drawing! : ) it was the funnest class i have ever taken!!! : ) i just wanted to share some of my final projects that i did in there...because one of them has to do with the awesome package i got from rocket dog today! : )

all of these were projects we completed that were from different techniques we learned in the class. each page is 18x24 inches! : ) very time consuming...i pulled a lot of all-nighters!

this was my first project, we had to zoom in to an object and sketch it focusing on detail and shading..this speaker part with the circles took forever! haha

this was my second project based on artwork by chuck close (google him). we had to do a portrait of ourselves in high black and white contrast, put a grid on it, and start drawing designs! : )

zoomed up...

so for our final project we had to do a series with 3 pages on something that means a lot to us...naturally, i chose rocket dogs! : ) : ) : )

the first page i did another chuck close style drawing of the rocket dog logo

the second one is an abstract drawing of my checkerboard rockies in a shoebox! : )

the third drawing was just a zoomed-in sketch of my cracked metal metallic rockies! : ) ...these little circular shapes took way longer than the stereo ones! haha...oh and it was done in pen which was a challenge for me, but i had a lot of fun doing it!

Ode to Rocket Dogs this time i feel the need to praise my lovely rocket dog sneakers that have made my life great for so many years. i purchased my first pair of rocket dogs around august of 2007 and have been addicted ever since...

the ones on the right are the first pair i ever owned : ) i still have them yes, even though they have holes and are all ragged, i love them so much.

the brown ones with the 2-year-old velcro straps were my second pair, probably my favorite ones to this day.

the pair in the middle is number 3, awesome cause the straps are crooked!...the other two, pairs 4 and 5, are just flat out cute and are also awesome cause the colors match in a mismatched way.

these next two i ordered they are number 6 and 7...i give credit to amy for finding the amazing checkerboard ones! : ) and the boots are cool cause they are rocket dog boots!...truthfully i don't wear them that much, but they are still super awesome!

these three are also amazing...the brown and gray are similar but both equally cute, so of course i couldn't make a choice. and and white argyle? PERFECT. (numbers 8, 9, 10)

mmmm hmmm the ones with the navy blue straps are just so great! i love the colors on them. the tan ones are just nice and plaid and i really enjoy the teal color involved. the lighter ones with pastels are great for spring : ) (numbers 11, 12, 13)

ahhhhhh number 14 is probably another one of my favorites! : ) i did them with sharpie...and you can never go wrong when personalizing something...they hold a special place in my heart

notice the blue rocket dog...

ahhh although i don't wear these ones (number 15) that often, they are definately in my top 5 favorites. so crisp and patriotic!...and they have an awesome story i got these last summer, but i have wanted them since the summer before that. i didn't have the money the summer before and then the 4th of july passed so i thought "eh i will get them next summer"...well, next summer rolled around and they weren't on the website!!! i couldn't find them about a month before july i emailed rocket dog and told them i NEEDED a pair...guess what!? THEY PUT THEM UP ON THEIR WEBSITE! : ) : ) : ) i like to think it was just for me!

these are my lastest pairs, 16 and 17...the black ones are just plain but you can never go wrong with a plain black sneak. and the other ones are just plain incredible!!! they are called cracked metallic and they are just amazing! so shiny! they even kind of have a purple tint to them that i just love!

ahhhh my pile of rockies! : ) ...i will make sure that it continues to grow!

OK! now for the great news!...i received an amazing package from rocket dog today! : ) want to know why?...ok so, i emailed them my rocket dog artwork and they sent me an email back saying thanks for sharing and asked me for my mailing address so they could send me some goodies! : ) so i sent the my address...and i got my package today!!! : ) : ) : )


another bag!

a shirt!

notebook journal thing! probably my favorite! : )

aaaaand a pencil sharpener, a mirror, and the most awesome keychain you will EVER see!!! : )

: ) hello.

HI! i haven't blogged in a while and i thought i would, cause i am bored. sooo...i know it is already February this is my first blog of the year so i thought i would blog about how exciting 2011 is! these are my reasons...

-2011 is an odd number and odd numbers are beautiful...and even ones are lame

-i graduate in december! : )

-i turn 21 in march...which is also awesome because it is an odd number...way better than 20

-i am finally taking art classes for my minor!!!...including sculpting where i get to make a bronze, stone, and steel piece; painting; watercolor; and ceramics! : )

-i am spending the summer in provo!

-Panic! is back and better than ever : ) ...hopefully

-anything that could happen this year will be better than all the rotten luck i had last year including crashing my car, getting a ticket for having tinted windows, getting booted and having to pay a rediculous $60 to have it taken off, losing my brand new camera, and having my computer crash!...i am sure there are more but i can't think of them right now

ALRIGHT! so...a few exciting things have already happened this year and it is only february! the one i want to talk about i am going to put in a seperate blog post (i guess it is above because i did this one first haha)...enjoy!...and HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR! : )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


so, i am pretty sure i am the worst blogger ever, but i did finally decide to make a post! I only really have a few exciting things to talk about... #1. me and brai totally won Spencer Smiths pjs! #2. me and heather went on a rockin road trip at the end of the summer! #3. the zipline at our property in wyoming is up and running! : ) : ) : )

so, one night i get an email from northern downpour (panic! at the discos fan club) saying there is a contest and that i should renew my membership. so i looked it up and it said the winners (there would be 2) would win the pajamas brendon and spencer wore in the nine in the afternoon music video!!! so i immediately tell brailee and we started plotting. the rules were that you had to take a picture at a cool, weird place wearing your pjs and it had to be outside. the picture below is our photo that won!!! : ) our other one was takin in ogden by the colored horses. because we had nobody to help us we were setting up my tripod and using the timer button on my camera! it was hilarious and a lot of fun! wouldn't know it from the picture but the salt flats were BLAZING hot and our feet hurt soooo bad by the end of the day!!! anyway, about a month later, after checking the website i'm not even kidding every single day, they posted us as a winner!!! they didn't tell us whose we got...until it arrived in the mail! and we got Spencer's! he is the drummer.

To see the PJs we won go to this link and watch the music vid:

Spencer is the 3rd guy shown waking up in his room!

so, the last week of summer me and heather set off on a road trip across utah. originally our road trip was going to be to new york...but then it became a utah temple trip...but really we didn't have the time or money for either of we went down to st. george instead and hit as many temples as we could along the way.

this is me and heather at tuacahn where we saw tarzan! it was AMAZING!

us at the st. george temple

us sleeping in our car at Walmart! : ) soooo fun!

us at Zion's national park!

us at the St. George temple

our favorite...the Manti temple

Oquirrh Mountain temple!

Jordan River temple!

Salt Lake City!

This is me and my siblings fixing up the zipline atop our pop's tractor!

me on the zipline! : D

waaaaaaay old post...but it has been sitting here for months and i forgot about i am posting now. enjoy! : ) ha

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harvard! 8 - )

alright! so...i'm back in lovely connecticut right now because last weekend my family visited my dad in boston! the reason he is in boston is that he is attending Harvard! he is in this awesome business training program where he goes to school there for two months. anyway, my family surprised him there for family week! part of family week included going to two classes! it was so interesting! we had to read case studies beforehand, like homework, then discuss them in class! so cool to be able to see how classes are taught at harvard! when i was younger i always wanted to go to school to harvard...i guess now i have!? ; ) haha

this is the classroom at harvard

my pops, mama, brock, jashley, and me

so, included in family week was a whale watch! we took a boat out into the atlantic ocean and observed whales! it was awesome! here are some pics!...

that is a fin!

you can see some there at the surface of the water

another fin...these are all my best pictures...we actually saw more of the whales than we thought we would. they don't like jump out of the water or anything...just come up to breath i guess

ok at the bottom of this post there will be a few different VIDEOS of the whales! i have not yet posted any videos yet so i'm pretty excited!

this is in boston on our duck or DUKW which is a land-water vehicle used in WWII

battle of bunker hill monument

apparently people paint themselves like statues in order to get money! haha

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lots and lots! : )

one night me and Heather were totally craving ABC Mandarin...and also we wanted to show Manda how amazing it we drove from provo special to eat there! mmmmm it was definately worth it! : )

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear brittnee, happy birthday to me!
so for my birthday Manda and Heather made me enchiladies for dinny and pina coladas! YUM!

they gave me those three margarita glasses! and three new button pins for my purse! : ) tanks guys! Amanda works at cougar creations on BYU campus and there was this poster that some customer didn't want for some reason and so she took it out of the trash and hung it up! ha ha ha...i was totally surprised when i saw it there when i got home from school. funny

also to celebrate my birthday, we went to jump on it! it was great fun!

nate jumpin

high fives!

manda doin her awesome twisty trick!

so in the marriott school at byu during the integrated business core we are put into groups. all my classes are with the exact same group of kids so it makes the millions of group projects we do a little bit easier! so this is my group! i have spent lots of time with them and we have accomplished a lot! our most exciting project was for our organizational behavior class and we got to choose any consulting project for an organization...well we chose this company called Handstands located in bluffdale, utah. they are actually the company that makes the Refresh! brand of car air fresheners and if you own a mouse pad it is probably made by them too! probably won't say their name on it though cause they do a lot of private branding. well anyway for our project we did marketing research on a newer product they have called the Gadget Grip. right now it is just a promotional product and they are thinking about putting them into retail. well, we conducted our research and came up with some recommendations for them! we presented it to like a whole group of them there...including their president and a whole bunch of their marketing employees and finance staff. tons! it was so scary...but it was a great experience!
Holi Festival of Colors!

me and manda!

the temple

this was after the big toss! our colors got all blended...we all looked like we just had really bad tans! ha ha

me and heather!

my camera case is ruined. forever.

me, manda, heather, and nate!

my colorful hair!

all of us...............CLEAN! this was before the festival obviously!